Friday, June 29, 2012

Mountain time

Our other family, the Hulls, kindly invited us up to this sweet cabin in the mountains. It was in a beautiful secluded area and it was nice just being up there. We spent time playing outside with the kids, going on adventurous 
RIVER HIKES (go Sarah!), and staying up late playing raucous card games. Fun. 
(Sorry all these pics are mostly me! I didn't have the camera in hand all weekend)
On our way down the mountain, Shane and I decided to pull over for another fun hike. 
We had to take advantage of the awesomeness of where we were!
Shane manned up and jumped in the freezing mountain water on BOTH of our hikes. 
He's making sure he has enough fun for him, me, and the baby :)

Overall, it was an excellent mountain excursion. 
Thanks to the Hulls for letting us crash  your party! We love you guys.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Soccer camp & girl clothes

School's out for the summer! 
Which means I'm officially unemployed. I only have 2.5 months until my due date! 
Inspired by my awesome little brother Joe, who is 13 and hosting his own soccer clinic this summer, 
I decided to start my own! We've have about 13 kids on the roster so far. 
We start on Monday! 
In other news, a few months ago I told my mom that I didn't want the typical frilly,
 "my little princess" baby clothes most people dress their baby girls in (nothing against those clothes, some babies totally work it!). 
But then my mom got all nervous about buying things for my baby because she says she's afraid I'll hate it! 
So, I have a few things I've accumulated so far that I totally love, to give her an idea :)
It's getting REAL people! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We found ourselves totally free last Saturday morning...
Next thing we knew we were climbing through an awesome creek bed, over boulders, and up to a sweet little waterfall!
There was a mountain range we had yet to explore about 40 minutes away, and we were stoked to find such a sweet hike.
It took us about 3 hours, and that's huffing it!
If you come visit and want to do it, we'll take you - it's not your average hike (hikes can be boring). Super fun adventure/workout/hike/climb.

PS. I really love my hiking buddy.
He's trying to be a protective husband/dad and I'm trying to be semi-reasonable pregnant woman (not easy for me!!).
So we decided to let Shane do all the crazy climbing on the waterfall...while I took a deep, surrendering breath, sat on a rock and waved up to him.
Only 3 months to go and this baby will be here to hike with us! Crazy.