Saturday, July 18, 2009

4th on the Beach

This was our first 4th of July living on the beach! It was nuts around our place!
That means some fun people watching :)

Our friends the Hulls (and Smith's, Sarah's parents) rented a beach house down the street, so we hung out, had a fun, low key day.

And we were happy that Randall and Lindsay, and Brian and Kirsti and Navy joined us.

These little cuties always have fun together - even if Katy doesn't look like it sometimes.
She's totally faking it :)

Some early fireworks went off...this was the reaction.

Ladder Ball - awesome. Try it out, you'll be hooked!

Playing w/ the Beans. Love her.

Sarah is the #1 mom of the world. So cute!

We're so lucky to live in such a rad place and have such awesome people to hang with! Thanks friends!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Moose

It finally happened!

All of you reading this probably saw it, but if you'd like to laugh for the second time, you can watch the whole thing online! Here's the link:

We had an epic veiwing party at our friends' apt. complex movie room!

Big screen, great seating, awesome friends, good entertainment - way fun.

We are no longer Shane & Sally Harris....

We are officially and forever Mr. and Mrs. Moose.

Wipeout's facebook page posted these
AWESOME pics from the show.
Come to our place in a week and you'll see them
big and framed on our wall :)

My arms were toast after about the 4th try!

I was SOOOOO relieved.

Yes, we were sore. VERY very sore.
No, we didn't get hurt badly.
No, we didn't film it all in one day - it was 2 days.
No, we didn't get to watch the other people do the first round.
Yes, the other couples were nice - we hang out w/ the Tortoise and the Hair.

Yes, it was way fun and I'd totally do it again:)

On to the brutal Wipeout zone.

Freezing water (we filmed in December),
10pm, nervous, drained, sore, anxious, excited, terrified...
Shane threw up twice as we were walking to the course. No joke.

I totally inhaled that foam.

Shane is was MADE for Wipeout.
We all witnessed his greatness.

I was/am SO PROUD of him and proud to be his girl.

WOO! This is actually when I found out we won.
The actual order was Shane, Mr. Muscle, Mrs. Muscle, me.
I didn't know this while I was running the course,
but Mrs. Muscle actually threw in the towel before I went!
Shane knew we won the whole time I was racing, but couldn't say anything but words of encouragement! (and that he did, thanks babe.)
So, they edited it to make it more intense for TV :)
The Muscle couple were so super nice. We loved them.

He's got all the right moves.

Needless to say, it was a sureal, once in a lifetime,
super, super awesome expereience.
Stay tuned to see what we decide to do w/ our mulah (after taxes!).
We'll see!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The best prom I never had...

Sometimes we luck out and get to play some AWESOME shows,
like this one in:

San Diego!

And when we say Mission Beach we mean on the BEACH!
Here's a pic from the stage we played on!

MC Oz rockin the crowd of formal gowns and tuxedos

And if that wasn't sweet enough...

We got to play on this all night for FREE!
It's at a place called the Wave House and it's an artificial wave machine that pumps water at 30mph!
You're supposed to do this on it:
We tried!

It was really fun and difficult and quite painful...
and we were SO excited to get to try it!
The guys actually stood up for a few seconds, they did pretty dang good!
We even got to take a prom pic...
We ordered wallet size to give to our grandparents ;)

Oh, and did I mention we got free

chocolate covered cheese cake, ice cream and churros all night?

Yeeeeah. One awesome gig.