Monday, July 30, 2012

Sommer Fun

Since the fam left I've been busy with soccer camp, girls camp (it was really posh, not bad for a prego lady), surfing, movies, walks and beach days with friends, home improvements and baby stuff. We took a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital this morning - yiiiikes!

This past week was especially great. Shane and I had an amazing day at San Onofre (being your own boss has it's perks - if the waves are good, you can play hooky!) Afterward we hit H&M and loaded up on some newborn threads. So cute and surreal. 
We LOVE having Al, Morg, and Iver living so close to us. We had a highly competitive game of mini-golf mid-week and then had an awesome couples surf session Saturday morning (thanks to Tania for watching Iver!). Awesome.
So much summer goodness.
For your entertainment, if you haven't seen this vid, "Sommer Fun," watch it.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Osborne Week!

The best days of summer for me are always the ones spent with the fam. 
It's always jammed packed with awesomeness and family togetherness. 
This year was no exception.
Since my parents don't live overseas anymore, and we'll get to see them more often, they just stayed a week this year. But what a week it was. These few pictures are a good indication of what we did...

Beach play time.
Grandma (and grandpa) loving the grand kids.
Family hikes... (and beach bonfires, soccer games, rock climbing, card games)

We surfed 5 days in a row and loved every minute. My brothers are getting GOOD. It has been so much fun teaching them and watching them become real surfers. It's making Shane and I excited to teach our little girl :) 

As always, my parents were there, facilitating the good times and good food. It's pretty fun/funny to see them as grandparents! They are loving it. I can't believe next summer there will be one more grand kid hanging out on the beach with grandma and grandpa watching the surfers!