Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday Surf Day and more...

I need to take more pictures.
I don't have any new ones for you, but this one makes me happy!
And it's very telling of our weekends lately.

We LOVE to surf and it puts us in high spirits.
We decided to take Friday afternoons off so we can surf together. This was our second week of Friday Surf Day, and we can already tell we made the right decision. It's our favorite activity. I'm really proud and thankful to Shane for braving the cold waters and paddling out to surf the big waves. He's awesome and it makes me so happy to do something together that we both love so much.

After our surf session Friday, Shane took me to a fun local play:
Saturday we had another fun surf session with my brother Alex.

I got frustrated because I was using a tiny, difficult surf board, but then Shane traded me for his longer board and I rode some sweet waves. When we were packing up Shane says, "So, Sally catches and few waves and the world is great again." He got me.

This is our chosen surf spot lately, the Huntington Beach cliffs.
It was 80 degrees and sunny! You just can't beat it. Really.
Then we went to a really great baptism where both Shane and I shed many o' tear.
Afterwards we went to the movies to see...
I felt like I was on a ledge the whole two hours. We give it a thumbs up.

Sunday was a beautiful day of rest.

Now back to work! "Drop and give me 20, you hoodlums!"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quotable quotes from the children in my life.

"Guys! Guys! We forgot the cuddle!!" - First grade boy during a flag football game.
"My growing pains are really hurting today." - First grade girl, holding her side ache during warm up run.
"My doctor said that if I don't stand in the shade...I will SHRINK!" - First grade girl on a very hot day.
"I just prefer academics. P.E. should NOT be mandatory." - One of MANY funny quotes from a very smart 3rd grade boy (2nd picture down, on the right) who hates P.E. He has founded his own "Global Airlines" and takes people on flights during recess. He gives me quizzes on the capitals of the world daily. He's 7. He's going to be rich someday.
"Let's do the DNA play. We'll cross through each other and form DNA!" - 7th grade boy in the huddle during football game.
"Each shot is a parabola." - Same 7th grade boy during basketball.
They crack me up.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodbye Guam...

Hello New Mexico!
My parents and little bros have moved again! My dad recently retired from the FBI after 25 years of bustin up the bad guys.
To my delight his new employment has brought the family closer to me!! He will be doing Chinese counterintelligence work at the Sandia Labratory in Albuquerque.
They came for a few days to meet the newest grandbaby,
Iver, so we were able to sneak in a Christmas Eve surf sesh!
It was a beautiful afternoon with a huge pod of dolphins hanging out with us:)
After surfing, we flew to Albuquerque to meet my parents for Christmas!
They had the apartment all decorated and ready for us, it was awesome.
We spent the week snowboarding, rock climbing, longboarding, watching movies,
school shopping, exploring the new city, and maybe pulling a few shenanagins...
Snowboarding is what the boys were most excited about moving to Albuquerque
(other than being closer to their 3 older siblings of course!)
So we hit the slopes hard (2 full days!).
It was a total blast! It was sunny, warm, and beautiful. Sam and Joe were kicking bootay.
We took a beautiful hike on the mountain side right behind my parents' new house.
(Yes, they already found the perfect house and will be moving in soon!)
It was a great way to finish an awesome week with awesome people.
Thanks to my parents for being SO generous and making it super
memorably epic Christmas break.
Here's to seeing you four WAY more often!!

(Snow, surf, skate video coming soon...)