Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend Warriors

Shane and I would like to share our
weekend with you all!

I enjoyed another "Mom's Morning Off." I particularly love when this little girl comes to play! Isn't she a doll?!
Here she's saying "Ohhhh, wook how cute dis wittle wady bug is!"

The kids loved playing tag and Carter cracks me up.
On Friday night we were lucky to have Navy Beans as our 5th wheel! We went with our good pals Daniel and Kiffy to a college soccer game - way fun!
The boys had fun teasing Navy and you can be sure she loved the attention:)
Saturday we did something I can honestly say I never thought I'd willingly be spending my
Saturday afternoon doing....

ARCHERY! Yes, you read it right.

There's a huge park in Long Beach and Shane spotted some archery targets while driving by last week. He found out it's free every Saturday. There was no question in his mind where he'd be Saturday.
I agreed to go with him to be a
good wife and have an open mind.

I'm glad I went becuase it was like I was inside an episode of The Office. No joke!
This guy above was our favorite. (Like the Dwight of the episode.) That Robin Hood leather holster is a novelty he brought from home.
Shane had to show his respects.
These are our archery friends. The type who choose to spend their free time at the achery range out in what our volunteer instructor called "God's country."
We mean business.
And then came the ward Halloween Party where we were
excited to attend as MR. & MRS. MOOSE!!!
Shane found these hats on Ebay and we had to have them :)
We were so glad to have Tinker Bell and her cute parents join the party!
We were asked to do a game for the kids at the party. This is what our car looked like on the way from Sarah and Bryant's house to the church...
And it was all for WIPEOUT!
We made a mini obstacle course for the kids to run. We were jazzed to see the kids get that little competetive spark in their eye and get their blood flowing!

3 cheers for a fun weekend!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mom's Morning Off!

....brought to Long Beach mom's by ME!
Mom's need a break, am I right ladies?!
Well, yesterday a few mom's got just that.

I decided to provide a weekly Mom's Morning Off for the awesome local mom's in the area.
Yesterday was our first try, and as the Target lady would say, "SUCCESS!"

7 cute kids = one big, exciting play date.

We had a kid-friendly lunch of PB+J's with a side of bananas.
Then it was time for a little backyard story time in the
beautiful Southern California October weather.

Below you'll see our card making activity and our rousing "basketball" game :)

Our day wouldn't be a complete without a little Mr. + Mrs. Moose!
(I thought it wouldn't hurt to show them I won a crazy TV game show, because now they think I'm some kind of famous person and they may behave that much better. Hey, I'm working with what I've got!)
The voice bubble for the picture below should read

Ella and Navy mimicking our goofy Wipeout moves.

You can't forget these two cuties, who were happy just following the big kids around!

A HUGE thanks to all you Mom's for diving into this new adventure with me!
I think it's going to be a great thing for all of us :)

Until next week!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing Queens

So last weekend some girlfriends invited me to a girls night out!
One of them got free tickets to a show from her husband's work
(thanks Becca and Ryan!)

The group we saw was called
Bjorn Again
an ABBA cover band!
And they are legit.

I'm no ABBA expert, but apparently these girls are right on the money.
They were way fun to watch - a bit corny but super good at what they do.
Some of those ABBA songs are great girlie classics.
By the end of the night all 4 of us were out of our
seats dancing and singing along:)

Oh, and did I mention we were in the very front row of this fancy performing arts theater and that we were younger than everyone there by about 2 decades?
Yeah, that's right.
I think we ended up being part of the show for the rest of the audience!

This is what we came home to:

It's IBC Rootbeer and "Just for fun" poker.

Needless to say it was a good night for everybody!
Thanks friends!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthdays and Cowboys

So, by now you should be familiar with my pal
Sarah Hull.
Thanks to her in the last few weeks we've had some major fun.
Here are two events that deserve to be highlighted:

She threw an AWESOME Wild Wild West party.

Don't worry, it's not real:)

Cowboys + Cowgirls
Boot scootin' boogie...

The party was a serious hit! So much fun!!
If you ever have the chance to attend one of Sarah's famous parties,
don't you dare miss out!
The other fun-filled event: Sarah's Birthday!
We celebrated with gusto!
Bridge jumping across the bay from us in Naples Island...
What you don't know is that I'm screaming
"Haaaaappyy Biiiirrrthdaaay Saaaarraaahh!!"

Then out for a tasty Mexican meal!

We continued the celebration into the weekend
with a relaxing Sunday BBQ in the backyard.

The fun never ends with this lady!
Thanks girlfriend. You're the bomb.com.