Sunday, November 22, 2009

We have been Love You LongTime

An era is coming to an end. Don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened, right? Well, we're trying our best not to be sad but we couldn't be more stoked that it happened. Seriously.

When Shane and I won Wipeout we knew we had a responsibility to be smart with our winnings. At the time, we had been following the successful career of a close friend (Sarah Hull's husband, Bryant), who bought a property management franchise in Orange County about a year ago. When we were suddenly in the position to buy one ourselves, we had an important decision to make. We researched and prayed lots and decided to make ourselves business owners. With the extreme time and energy commitments Love You Long Time requires, we had to make the super difficult decision to retire.

Our extremely awesome and devoted fans deserved a proper goodbye.
So last weekend we gave it to them. We played 3 last shows in Provo, St. George and Rexburg.
We LOVE you PROVO!!! I will really miss this.
Brother and sister. Husband and wife.

We want our family to know how much it has meant to us to see you at our shows. You guys have been SOOOOOO incredibly supportive and amazing.
Thank you Alex, Morgan, Claire, Annie, Grandma Juanita, Kellie, Josh, Owen, Gavin, Whitney, Alee - who were ALL there to support in Provo. It felt so good to see all your faces out there and it meant a whole lot to us.
Thank you Alex for coming to EVERY SINGLE show, always promoting for us, letting us sleep at your apartments, sharing your friends with us, feeding us, hanging out with us, being excited about our band, and being our #1 cheerleader. You are the best brother we could ever ask for and we love you.
My awesome grandma came down from Odgen, took us and ALL our friends out to dinner, came to our show, stayed up late and had a slumber party with us!! Do you know any grandmas who would do that? Nope. Just ours.
It was SO fun to hang out with my cousins Claire (who is an RM and just got engaged!) and Annie (who is so cute and gave the band yummy rolls for the road!)
On to St. George!

Thanks again, Morgan, for lending us your husband for the night. It was SO fun having him to entertain us in the tour van!
Back to where it all started...Rexburg, Idaho. Here we are right before our last show...
I think these photos will give you a little taste of what the experience was like...
MC Oz rockin the crazy awesome crowd. The crowd sang every word. We did not even use our mics for several verses and choruses. It felt so good and so right! It was a perfect experience for our last show.
We are way way lucky.

Blelow you can see me crowd surfing during Showstopper, our final song.
I just laid back and took in the moment with a smile.
I'm getting emotional writting this. Oyi.
In the moments right after coming off stage. A final band photo! I love it.
After the show we had to keep the traditions alive one last time: loading our equipment in the snow and showing up at Ramierez (local 24 hr. Mexican place) at about midnight.
Liam so stoked on his burrito, Brian and his Rexburg posse freestyle rapping.

Continuing with traditions, we made a stop at Papa and Grandma Osborne's on the way home! Papa made us a feast and we chowed down with great company! Thank you Papa and Grandma for always being so welcoming to us and all the random hooligans we've brought to your place! You guys are FAMOUS now in the band world and we love you guys tons!!
Just like when we were kids, we got out the bb guns to shoot our pop cans...
And then each other. Can you tell Morgan enjoyed that part?
Brotherly snow fight.
Lastly, we were able to spend some time with the Harris side of the family! They have always been so awesome when we come to town and we love it when we get to be at home with them. We especially loved playing with this cutie! Our little niece Molly.
Below you'll see me on the night we arrived home.
I had to get out of those tight pants, out of my braids, and out of the van!

Shane and I feel extremely blessed to have been a part of Love You Long Time. We were lucky enough to have been invited to join more than 3 years ago by my extremely talented brother. Thank you Brian, for providing us with countless incredible experiences and letting us be a part of your creation! I am excited to show all our kids this band! How rad is it that we were able to travel the country riding bikes, meeting awesome people, making tons of friends, having crazy fun on stage, having the most random/scary/insane/weird/funny/fun experiences and making the most radical memories!?!?

I could go on and on. I feel so blessed to have been able to be in this band. So thank you to every one of you who made it possible and supported us. I love you all.
Thank you, Liam, for being like a brother but never picking on me! Thank you, Shane, for taking such good care of me. Thank you, Kirsti, for being the most supportive wife I've ever heard of.
May the love, energy and positivity of Love You Long Time live on forever!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Billie Jean is not my lover...Shane is.

On our way to see...

This is It!If you haven't experienced it yet - go now.
We LOVED it.
MJ forever!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Sunshine

Along with these 3 excited cute girls...
Shane, Sarah, Carter and I headed out on

Halloween day for some pumpkin patch excitement!
Below you can see our attempt at a group picture -Carter and Ella have both run off and Katie can't handle the smell of the rotten pumpkin at our feet.
We could NOT get over how nice it was on Halloween day.
We spent the last 3 Halloweens playing USU's Howl (which was awesome). And every Halloween before that freezing in Idaho and Utah! This is a nice change to say the least!
Shorts and t-shirts!!
Uncle Shane.
He should get an award for this day.
Below you'll see Katie giving me her very animated version of what just happened to her: She flew down a dirt hill, thinking Sarah had her while Sarah was looking the other way thinking Katie's brakes were on! Sarah freaked and Katie wanted to do it again! Funny.
Before we left, Navy just HAD to stop by the petting zoo.
I could NOT stop giggling.
Cute? Yeeeeees!
That evening we were lucky enough to be invited to the Smith family tradition: Dinner in a pumpkin!
After dinner we went to some other friends house to watch a scary moive: 80's classic "Lady in White." Not so scary. More like cheesy and hilarious! But fun.
Thanks for a great Halloween, friends!