Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random goodness

This week's blog-worthly highlights (other than JT, of course) are my hair and kayaking.

Shane's been nudging me to post about my perm (he likes it). Yep, I got a perm. It worked well on some parts of my hair, and not at all on other parts. But I also got a haircut and a diffuser to make it work. It's fun.

Kiss faces that look more like fish faces.

We kayaked to that island in the distance!

We love love love it here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Justin Timberlake and ME!

Anyone who knows me well knows I love Justin Timberlake. When I found out he was going to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel I immediately freaked. Then I got tickets. I was SO excited that I even got tickets! But little did I know how awesome it was going be...
So, I was coming around the corner to get in line and THIS is what I see!

I'm totally shaking at this point. Is this acutally happening?!

Someone pinch me.

I took this with MY PHONE! Yes, he was that close. It's now my permanent background.

YES!!!!!!! This is not a joke. I can't even believe it myself.

Moving on...

I worked my charms on the guy who seats the audience and I got him to put us in the
FRONT ROW! (Even though Shane got caught trying to sneak in a camera for me...)We had the best seats in the house. I know, I'm good.

All of us on the front row got to follow him back and watch him play golf w/ Jimmy.
Keep in mind I'm freaking out this ENTIRE time.

I was sitting about 8 feet away! The studio is much smaller than it looks on TV.
I snuck a few cell phone pics during the show :)

I joined the crowd waiting for JT after the show...

There he goes...

He's not coming over...

Well...goodbye...until next time.

It was a very exciting night, to say the least. Thanks to my very
sexy hubby for loving me even when I love JT
(he's a fan too!)

I took home a few souvenirs! I stole this off one of the cameras after the show :)

Shane snagged me one of his golf balls he hit during the show! Yeeeeah.

I'm still numb :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Navy Beans

You'll probably be seeing a lot of my niece
Navy on here. I can't help it - she's SO cute! So, here are some funny pics and videos of her just being herself. Enjoy!
Dress up is one of Navy's favorite things. Here she is in my swim suit and dad's hat just struttin her stuff.

My favorite was the behind shot :)

Trying to strike a pose in her "bra."

Kirsti (her mom) is pretty sure she's going to be America's Next Top Model.

The first video you get to hear that little giggle. The second video is when I caught her singing to herself in the mirror with nothing but her "bra" on. The last video is at about 11pm and we're trying to get her to perform for the camera :) She does pretty well considering!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

First California Christmas

I was trying to think of what to blog about this week, so I walked in the kitchen to see if a snack would help and saw all the awesome pics on my fridge from this past Christmas (thanks Mom!)

I thought I would just post those pics and show you all how much fun we all had. It was the first Christmas w/ Morgan, and the first Christmas we've celebrated with just immediate family -which is now 11 people! Also, it was Shane and I's first So Cal Christmas - out of the cold.
I highly reccomend it!

Joe warming his hands by the fire :) Do you like my tree?!

Santa needs a nap.
Santa brought us a kayak and we had to test it out...

...even though it was rainy and windy! It was still super awesome.

A fun Christmas Eve coastal bike ride to downtown Long Beach!

My niece loves me.

And her uncle.
We took a trip down to Mexico! Notice, in this quadruple stacker, the Nacho Libre mask.
We went to help out at an orphange that Alex and Morgan go to bi-monthy with a group from BYU (Kaizen). Here are 2 of the cutest orphans :)

We decided to ring in the new year with a midnight swim!

A New's Year's Eve b-ball game.

He's buff!

We played lots of football. Here's Joe giving us the next play :) He's so funny and cute.

This was one of the best adventures - kayking in the bay.

We docked and had In N' Out! Um.

We took a late-night bike ride in downtown LA! Way fun.

She's thinking "it is SO past my bedtime!"


Fun exploring the coast in Orange County at sunset.
Mustaches were the favorite at the white elephant party!

These few weeks will go down in Osborne family history as some of the best ever!