Thursday, November 18, 2010

She does it again

After seeing Robyn a few months ago, it was so awesome that we knew we could never not go to her shows. Last night we got sweaty and hoarse, loving every minute of her show. (The picture above was last summer when she played an acoutsic set at Borders in LA!)
In other news, Biggest Loser trainers Bob and Jillian were dancing 2 rows in front of us! Shane is a huge Biggest Loser fan and I regularly workout to Jillian's workout DVD's. So that was pretty fun for us. We said hi to them afterwards, and they were super nice. They are fellow Robyn lovers so we like them even more now.
Here is Robyn opening up her set:
I'm still dancing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MC Audio is born!

That's right! I'm an aunt again! Auido Ingstom Osborne was born Monday, November 1, 2010. Kirsti handled it like an old pro, had no epidural, and Audio was out within an hour of arriving at the hospital! Shane and I spent the weekend in Ventura getting to know our newest family member. He's pretty dang cute, if I do say so myself.
It had been a few months since we'd seen Navy, and it was super fun playing aunt and uncle again. We miss her!! Here she is dancing ballet with her grandma and playing at the park. I took some footage of one of her serious ballerina sessions:
My little niece and nephew! I'm a very proud aunt. Navy is a crack up - below you can see her eating her post-church meal in her underwear, braids, and heels. She decided Audio needed some more coverage while he was peacefully sleeping on the couch. "Just ONE more thing, mom, I'm just gonna put ONE more thing on him." Haha! Let the games begin!
We loved this beautiful Ventura lookout spot. The view was amazing, especially at sunset.
Here's a little video I took while we were there enjoying the evening:
It was a really great weekend. Brian took us to his surf spot and we had a long session on Saturday morning. He's getting really good already! He's a natural. Shane and I took Navy to see Megamind. In Navy's words "that movie was FU-U-U-U-N!" Brian took us to his office at Neff, the awesome company he designs for, and showed us all the radical stuff he's been working on. Here's the website he designed, check it out:

Thanks to Bri and Kirst for having us! We love the new little guy tons already. Can't wait for his debut album as MC Audio.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Shane and I had a very Halloweeny weekend. Lets take a look, shall we?
First off, we hit up the ward trunk or treat in these random outfits. We had these wigs and these matching pants...and wuala! 80's hippies? Sure. Anyway, Shane and I played some tricks on the munchkins while running the fishing for candy game. Then we gave out candy from our scary trunk - take a look! Shane's masterpiece.
We ditched the kids for the after party to play Mafia with all of these cool people. You all should totally play Mafia at your next party - it was surprisingly super fun!
Saturday (after an awesome surfing session), we headed out for another Halloweeny night. But not before we transformed into our alter-egos.
After a funny dinner out with friends who were not dressed up, we spent the evening at Tim and Jenni's, our friends from Wipeout (Tortoise and the Hair, 3rd place). They went ALL out for this party and there were some awesome costumes. Hide yo wife, hide you personal favorite.
Dwight: It was only a cat.
Angela: You don’t like them.
Dwight: Cats do not provide milk nor wool or meat.
Happy late Halloween! From me and the Assistant to the Regional Manager.