Monday, February 15, 2010

When Shane and Sally became "Shally"

I thought I would treat you all to a good chuckle:
Ahh, the dating days.
These old school shots document my Valentine and I falling in love.
(The one on the top right is our 3rd date- check out that soul patch!)

The following is a chronological picture re-cap of our Valentine's Saturday:
That's what I call a good day!
Sunday we enjoyed church, a dinner w/ Sarah and Bryant, and a dessert party w/ friends...
And I can't tell you what else we did.
But I'm not kidding about this - I have the best Valentine ever!!!
I'm so lucky to have Shane as my eternal boyfriend.
I thank the heavens for him every single day. I LOVE YOU BABE!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Saturday

On Saturday my brother Alex hopped on a plane to Australia to start his grad school adventure, and luckily for us he had an 8hr layover in LA!
His wife Morgan's fam came up from Lake Forest to hang with him before he left. Morgan is finishing up at BYU and will join Alex in 2 months. We missed you Morg, wish you were there with us!
Thanks Tania and Kent for treating us to golf and a sweet dinner! You guys are awesome.
Later that night we went to see this guy:
Joel McHale, the host of the E!'s "The Soup" and the star of NBC's "Community." Since I hang out on my computer a lot with my job as a care taker, I have had time to follow some funny people on Twitter. Yes, Twitter. Joel tweeted that he was giving away tickets to see him live, so I jumped on it, and WON!
Turns out he is SUPER funny! He was really animated, wasn't dirty, and kept us busting up the whole time (not to mention he was totally buff). He talked about the Kardashians, Ryan Seacrest, the Soup, and a lot about his kids and family. Our seats ended up being really close and it was crazy seeing him in person.
Overall, awesome Saturday.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A non-alcoholic toast to food, friends, and K Fed

These past two weeks you could not come in our home without seeing tennis on the TV or computer. It was a grand slam tournament, the Australian Open, and it provided some way intense tennis moments. Shane showed his tennis loyalty as he watched in the middle of the night for 3 hours, as his favorite player won the trophy!
Rodger Federer; or as Shane affectionately calls him, K Fed.
Of course, we had to have tasty food while sitting around in our sweats watching tennis, so I made this very easy, cheap "cheesy hash brown chili"
and because my mom got me hooked young, ate way too many of these:
At the end of the week we were lucky enough to be treated to a dinner out on the town by these cool peeps! Our business mentors, fellow RPM wives, and awesome friends. The highlight of the night was when we went around the table and each of us made a cheesy toast. It was classic.
Thanks for a way fun, and much needed night out, guys!