Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas, baby.

Goldie's first Christmas was one to remember!
After an great week and of half of just Goldie and I at my parents' in Albuquerque, the rest of gang arrived. Shane, my two older brothers, and their families (including 3 young kids) made the 14 hour drive together in a big rental van! (What a guy Shane is - he was the designated driver!)
We had a fun-filled week, packing in the activities - the only way the Osborne family knows how!
We snowboarded, hiked, ate tons, play lots of Settles of Catan (I know, geeky but fun!), played games in the church gym, rock climbed, shopped, played basketball and some of us pulled pranks (Shaaaaane.) We made some pretty great memories.
It was so cute to see the 4 cousins together! And also super fun to see my parents as grandparents. They were so excited to have their entire family all together in their house for Christmas.
THANK YOU Mom and Dad for everything!! You guys made it happen.

Thanksgiving is for blessings.

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving!
Shane's side of the fam had not seen Goldie  yet, so you can imagine what a momentous occasion it was. We had a great time watching everyone meet the Golden child.
We blessed Goldie in Shane's parents' ward. It was surreal to see Shane up there blessing my very own baby! And she was wearing the dress I wore when I was blessed. Pretty great day.