Tuesday, June 8, 2010

River House + Toys + Friends = Party

Our friends Randal and Lindsey Southwick are the bomb. They invited us again (we went last August) to spend Memorial Day weekend at their amazing river house on the Colorado river!! Saying that we had fun is quite an understatement.
We relaxed on the porch, enjoying the warm weather, river view, and good company.
Not pictured: Rousing games of pool and ping pong, hitting buckets of golf balls across the river, and tasty BBQ dinners.
Time to hit the boat!! My favorite.
Cute little Gewn! (Ryan and Becca's very chill daughter)
Extreme tubing with Becca! My elbows were nice and raw afterward.
Shane and I tried wake surfing for the first time. It was so fun! Below you'll see Lindsey working it like an old pro (she doesn't even need the rope!) and me trying to stay up!
My boy.
Me and Ryan wakeboarding. Check out Ryan's big air!
Two sweet shots: Kiffy taking a head dive and Ryan cruising in the sunset.
I put together a short video of footage from the weekend for your viewing pleasure! Here's the link:
Amazing 3 days! We're already excited for next time! Thanks again Randall and Lindsey!