Friday, August 21, 2009

East Coast Love

For the last 3 years we've been touring like crazy
and this July we finally got out EAST baby!

We tried to document it well for the mighty blog...
it turned out to be an
awesome adventure!

Of course we live on the West Coast,
so we had to get there somehow.

I decided to let the boys enjoy the
ride while I flew out a few days later ;
They stopped in Chicago for a bike ride and
a venture to the top of the Sears (now Willis) Tower!
This glass overhang he's on is called the
Sky Deck and it's freaky.

We love anything free.
This was Shane's favorite stop on tour-
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cincinnati.
Isn't this a sweet shot!?
The Hall is behind him on the right.

I arrived just in time for NEW YORK CITY!
We parked the van and hit the streets on our bikes.
Started out at Battery Park -
there's Lady Liberty behind us...

We're riding... soaking it all in...
And hit Times Square!
Can you tell we're tourists?

It's not a complete NYC trip without a
Naked Cowboy spotting ;)

It was SUPER crowded. And awesome. We loved it.
Had to take a pic in front of this!!
Mr. and Mrs. Moose.
30 Rock baby!

Liz: Why are you wearing a tux?
Jack: It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?

Central Park was beautiful. It's huge!
Perfect for a shady break with some nice bums.

Here's Shane eating from an NYC street vendor on
Canal street,
about the guy behind him
selling fake Rolex's out of a briefcase.

My paparazzi shot in front of the fountain that's in
the Friends intro!

I'll be there for you...
Riding through So Ho...
This doesn't even show you how
it was dodging taxis

and people biking New York.
And we were on fixed gears.

Mom mom would've freaked!
And she doesn't freak.
Me and my braids (oh, and Liam and Brian)
on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Fantastic view!
Now we're on to Virgina Beach...
Here's a good shot of Shane during sound check and all the tweens staring in awe...

Here are a couple of those tweens
who made us this insane cake!

After we ate all we could there was a lot left,
so of course THIS is what happens:
We jumped in the ATLANTIC ocean after the cake smashing. FUN!

On our van (AKA our hotel most of this tour),
Love You Long Time's nod to the King.

On to North Carolina!
Liam had some rad friends who took us to the
beautiful mountains on an awesome hike...

To this waterfall:
And this swimmin' hole:
And this awesomeness!
This was a fun day to say the least.

Next on to Atalanta where we visited the
World of Coca-Cola museum.

These were some of my favorite displays:

Notice the iPods...
Liam demonstrating how we all got sick from the
taste testing room!

You could taste Coca-Cola products from all over the world.
And boy did we taste.
Watching a really cool 4d movie.
Including moving seats and water splashes!
Shane put some horns on the van to
honor our entering Texas...(thanks a lot Sarah!)

Remember the Alamo!

Found this lake somewhere outside of Austin.
Ahh,sweet relief from the Texas heat!

But the important thing is that there were cliffs to jump!
And it was legal!

Shirtless loading in Houston.
The whole crew on the last night!
2 bands we did the tour with:
Play Radio Play, and the Secret Handshake.
What a BLAST we had on this tour!! Seriously.
We're super lucky to have been able to do it.
Hope you were able to get a little
taste and have enjoyed it with us!

PS. We took tons of video, funny video I might add...
so stay tuned for that! we've got some editing to do.