Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Claire + Biggie come to So Cal

Last month these two came for a visit! 
My awesome cousin Claire, and her cutest little boy Elliot (aka Big E, aka Biggie) live near San Fransico. We were so excited they came to visit and we partied it up, kid style. We took a trip to Ventura to play with Audio and Navy. 5 kids = crazy! But fun. It was a bit surreal to be there with Claire, my brother's wives and all our kids! 

 Thanks for coming Clam and Biggie! We love you guys!!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Here are some highlights of Goldie's first 2 months of life:

During a layover on her way back to New Mexico after Goldie's birth, my mom called to tell me Joe was in an ambulance with a severe foot injury sustained at his soccer game. Yikes.
Turned out to be a super bad leg break and he was out for the season. BUMMER. So, because Joe was couch ridden and bummed, I figured he could entertain himself by holding my baby. She could cheer up anyone:) Off we went! Goldie was only 3.5 weeks old as we hopped on a plane to Albuquerque  I was wary but we made it nonetheless. 
Sam and Joe were a bit nervous to hold her at first - I don't think they'd ever even seen a baby that small! Let alone held one. But they warmed up to her soon enough. Goldie had a fun week getting to know her uncles and her grandpa Rod (who was amazingly awesome with her, by the way.) Thanks mom and dad! 
A few friends in our ward decided it would be cool to start a sprint triathlon in their town. So, they did it and Shane signed up! He didn't decide to do it until it was 3 weeks away. But of course, he owned it. It was a bit too soon for me to participate, so I was the cheerleader (a foreign role to me in more ways than one). It was fun for me and Goldie to yell for ol' dad and watch him sweat through his first triathlon. He was 11th in his age group! Pretty impressive if you ask me.
Goldie's first Halloween was a great one. Shane was busy, so me and Goldie hit up a few parties! 
It was seriously fun dressing her up and packing her around as my little bag of Gold. 
And lastly, if you haven't seen pics from this little beach photo shoot Sarah did for me... Oh man. It's true what they say about thinking your baby is the cutest ever born. I died when I saw these. 
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