Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another First!

Saturday was a milestone in the Shally (Shane+Sally) Harris family:
We competed in our first race together!

We ran the "Heartbreak Ridge" Half Marathon at Camp Pendleton.

Uh, yeah, I did not know that the race was called "Heartbreak Ridge" when we signed up.
I read the description: This course offers a little bit of everything - it’s an out and back course, including rolling hills and some flat and fast stretches intermixed throughout.

Sounds pretty easy, right?

Rolling hills the whole time and that little thing they call "heartbreak ridge" at mile 3!
And did you catch that it's an "out and back" course?
That means we hit heartbreak ridge again at mile 10. Yep.

This guy below is running "heartbreak ridge."

It was hard.
But we did it.

We stayed together the whole race, keeping each other alive.

We came across the line to find these military finishers doing this:

Shane keeps it cool.

I am promptly on the ground.
With barely enough energy to show off my prize.

13.1 miles.
2 hours and 7 minutes of running.
One heartbreak ridge.
2 chaffed thighs (mine).
1 sexy husband.

I just want to mention how proud I am of my man Shane.
He only started running a few months ago and he owned this thing!
One night he was watching the Biggest Loser contestants running a marathon and said "Ah man, if these guys can do it, I can. I think I want to do a race."
I was promptly on the computer signing us up and printing a training schedule :)

We started slow, he didn't complain, kept at it, and was in awesome shape by race day.
I'm so proud of his dedication and so stoked we have something else to add to the list of things we love doing together.
I am currently loving seeing Shane discover what an awesome athlete he is.
I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into marrying an Osborne :)
But I'm happy he did!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photo Op!

Our great friend Sarah Hull is an awesome blogger.
She's never caught without a camera.
So she's turning her photography skills into a fun side business!
She decided she needed some more practice and
Shane and I were the lucky winners!

Thank you Sarah!

Here's a link to her photoblog: http://sarahhullphotography.blogspot.com/
And her own family blog: http://ahulllotoffun.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fresh Air in Utah

As you can imagine, I was in pretty low spirits after my family left...
But luckily we made a trip to Utah shortly after their departure!

We were there on our first "business trip"...more on that later!!
But we seemed to find a little time for some fun:)
You know us.

My brother Alex and his wife Morgan
just got back from a summer exploring ASIA!

We've missed them, we LOVE hanging w/ them and
it was so much fun hearing about their crazy travels.

You should check out their awesome blog http://loversintheskywithdiamonds.blogspot.com/
They're major adventurers,
and they were kind enough to take us rock climbing!!

Isn't Provo Canyon beautiful? We've missed the mountains.

Yes this did freak me out. It was high, ok!? But I did it, and it was really fun.
Shane totally owned it. As usual.
Alex and Morgan are both fearless and have major rock climbing skills.

Then we did some slack lining...
(essentially tight-rope walking for hippie kids, more fun than you'd think!)
We happened to set up next to a birthday party,
and we ended up being the free entertainment :)

Next we went on a hike in Pleasant Grove with Shane's family!
It was a beautiful day with beautiful scenery.

Our cute little nephews Owen and Gavin.
Their mom's blog http://mccfamoffive.blogspot.com/ is super cute.

Thanks to the Harris family for a fun evening!

A sucsessfully fun trip.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PART 3 - Awesome Osborne Summer 09'

And the party continues...

San Fran
I left my boo, Shane, in Long Beach while the rest of us headed north to spend the week hose-sitting my mom's sister's place.
Luckily they're super awesome and they have a sweet pool and hot tub!!
We had a blast.
I cannot believe how cute Sam is.
Those 8th grade girls are lucky!
Me and JAM(Joe + Sam) at the drive-in!
Navy showing off her new do (AKA my hair).
The view from the Bay Bridge...so cool.

The view from the Bay Bridge...so cool.

We spent a fun afternoon here....
Pretty awesome.

We spent a few fun afternoons and evenings
at the local skate park!

Joe was all business -

figuring out how he can "pwn" more fully.

Skatepark at sunset.

We spent one fun evening w/ our friends the Johnson's from the Beijing branch!
Isn't their little girl SO cute!?

During the week my parents and I went on some AMAZING runs.
I'm SO lucky to have such rad parents who taught me to love running.
Running with them was one of my favorite things about the whole summer.

This picture is where we went running in the Redwood Forest!
The trees are so big I felt like I was in
"Where the Wild Things Are."

One of the funnest/funniest days of the summer:
Rollerblading in downtown SF.
The WHOLE family!

We took a dancing break.
BoldAnd a kissing break.
And then back to the blades.

Joe is one good son.
And does my pops look pretty radical or what!? :)

I LOVE these two.
I wish I could adopt them.

Until next time!!

My fam is currently spending a few transitional months in Washington DC.
They are off to a new adventure in GUAM!
Hopefully you'll see a blog in the near future of more Osborne shenanigans
at their new tropical home!

Thanks for one fantastic summer guys.
I am so lucky to have such an awesome fam.