Wednesday, September 22, 2010

St. George Birthday Bash

Shane's best bud growing up, Layth, is married to Lou and they live in St. George. Layth's 30th birthday was last week and Lou decided it would be best if we drove up to surprise him for a weekend celebration! We decided she was right.
Little did Layth know that Shane and I were awaiting him at his favorite restaurant. He said, "So what are you guys really up here for?" He didn't believe that we came up just for his b-day. What can we say? We're dedicated.
This is little Ty. He's the darling offspring of our dear friends. We had fun playing aunt and uncle for the weekend.
On Saturday we hit up the lake! It was really awesome. Hot weather, lots of fun toys, good food, and fun new friends. Layth and Lou have a great group of friends who took us right in and were really nice to us. It think it was mostly because we were on Wipeout...but, hey, I'll take it.
My two favorite parts of the lake day: learning how to ride a stand up jet ski (a little trippy to learn, but super fun once you get the hang of it!) and cliff jumping (just like the old days on Tubbs Hill in Coeur d'Alene!)
Saturday night everyone came over for pizza and some Mr.and Mrs. Moose action. We watched our Wipeout episode and gave everyone the play-by-play inside info! It never gets old:)
A big thanks to Layth and Lou for letting us stay in their awesome house, play with their cute kid, share their fun friends, take us to the awesome lake, and feed us such good food! We had a blast - can't wait to visit again.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bringing sexy back to my life

Justin Timberlake and I meet again! Okay, not really "meet" but we were in very close proximity. It all started while babysitting, watching 'N Sync on TRL. JT crooning in a wife beater, earings, curly bleached locks. I was hooked. Shane took me to see him in concert in 2007 (best night EVER), and then last year we sat in the front row at Jimmy Kimmel while JT was a guest. And now,THIS marvelous evening:
Justin has a clothing line called William Rast that he started with his best friend, Trace Ayala. It's a pretty awesome collection and if I was rich I'd be decked out in William Rast. So Friday night was "Fashion Night Out" in LA and New York. Justin made an appearance at Nordstroms in Santa Monica to promote his clothing line. He said hello, made some jokes, and gave away some free stuff from his line.
My husband gets an award for the night. He was the best! He left work way early to come pick me up and drive to Santa Monica. He waited around for 2 hours in the middle of a swarm of eager girls. He saw some girls interviewing people for and sent them over to me to be interviewed! And yes, they interviewed me:) Stay tuned for that; I'm thinking Monday it will be up.
After the Nordstroms appearance, me being the insider that I am, knew that he'd make another appearance down the street at his William Rast store. We headed over and saw it was exclusive and you had to be on the list to get in. Luckily, with all our experience being poor and dipping our toes in showbiz world, we've learned how to schmooze! One of the girls working for JT spotted me outside and just brought us right in! It was pretty rad.
The store was pretty small and we were in the very front. These pictures are all taken by me! We were so close we could smell his hair gel. Pretty unreal!
I made friends with JT's cousin and met his best yeah, I'm getting close to meeting the man himself :) After the appearance, the girls took me and another guy out front to do a "fan battle!" It was funny. We took some photos, introduced ourselves, and then we were asked trivia questions on camera. Of course, I won. Then I asked his cousin, "Don't you think the winner of the fan battle earned a picture with Justin?" She said she thought I was right! So she went to the back and showed him the video! He said "Oh, she's from Long Beach, I dated a girl from Long Beach."(he's talking about Cameron Diaz by the way) But to my extreme disappointment his cousin said he was with his friends and about to leave and he had had a really long day, yada no hand shaking or picture :( But it WILL happen! I was so close, so now I'm very determined. Overall it was a super awesome evening. Thanks Shane, for being my supportive, fellow JT fan! I love you!!