Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big sister Sally and big sister NAVY!?

Kirsti is about to have another cute pregnant belly!!
She's due in October :)
And this little firecracker is going to be a big sister!!
(This is a picture of her dancing at a huge break dance battle in Rexburg where her dad also danced. If you haven't seen the video, you just HAVE to watch it
I've never seen anything cuter.)
2nd piece of exciting news:
Shane and I are going to GUUUUAAAAMMMM!!!
We're going to do a lot of this:
And a lot of exploring in this:
And we're definitely excited to learn how to do this:
I can't wait to be a big sister for 2 weeks in Guam!!! We leave June 12th.
Thanks to the most amazing parents in the world for the BEST graduation present EVER!!!
(I will be officially done with my degree on May 18th!)
Needless to say,
I can't wait to be an aunt again (so happy for them!!)
and I can't wait to live it up w/ the fam in Guam, baby!!
Good times ahead!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is my dad:
Yeah, he's just as cool as he looks.
In Guam, his newest hobby is longboarding. My parents decided to get my little brothers longboards for Christmas, and my mom knew my dad wouldn't want to be left behind! So, she bought him this mega board and he loves it so much he goes with or without the boys!

Last night Shane decided it would be fun to google family members. Here's what we found on my old man!

"From FBI Beijing, China, Legal Attaché Steven E. Hendershot and Assistant Legal Attaché Rodney B. Osborne, were honored with the Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement for the successful undercover and joint international police investigation entitled Operation Summer Solstice. Their efforts led to an unprecedented successful joint investigation with the Ministry of Public Service in the People’s Republic of China to enforce intellectual property laws. This cooperative effort resulted in the arrest of 25 individuals, the search of multiple businesses and residential locations, asset seizures by the Chinese government worth more than $7 million, and the seizure of more than 290,000 counterfeit software products in China with an estimated retail value of $500 million."

So legit! I didn't even know any of this until last night. He doesn't tell us anything!!
But the point of this blog is this: my dad is the man.
Way to go dad!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sir Paul McCartney

When the legend Michael Jackson died, Shane vowed that he wasn't going to miss another opportunity to see a living legend live in concert. So, when Paul McCartney tickets went on sale, we entered our credit card information:)
The Hollywood Bowl was way awesome. Yes, there were fireworks.
Sir Paul did not disappoint! His voice sounded great, it's hard to believe he's 67. He told some really cool little stories in between songs and he was surprisingly goofy. Our favorite song of the night was "A Day in the Life." We are stoked to be able to check "seeing a living legend in concert" off our list!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3 cheers for swimsuit weather!!

Sarah and I were pretty excited about something...
A sunny Saturday in Laguna Beach!!!
We were in need of some fun couple time on the beach, and that's what we got. From these pictures you'd think Shane and I were on some sort of goofy drug.I guess the excitement of the first swimsuit weather of the year got to our heads.
A few appropriately normal pictures, for good measure.
A pretty drive down PCH, a good game of beach ladder ball (high five Sarah!! we owned those boys!), a really awesome Mexican dinner, fun window shopping, frozen yogurt, and a solid game of Scrabble back at the grandparents beach house. Booya!!