Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pirate Paarrrrrrty!

Sarah, Sandy, and their mom Nancy recently hosted a fun pirate party! We ate while listening to pirate music, and admiring each other's goofy outfits. Shane looked homeless.
Then a few of us girls hit the dance floor. It was way fun. That's one thing I miss about being single - dances! So, I really needed this dance session.

Another fun thing: we set up our photobooth! It's a new business venture Shane and I are undertaking:) It went well - it was great to have a run-through party. We've now worked out the kinks and are ready to start booking!

Wedding time.

On June 4th, these 2 giddy kids tied the knot!

My cute cousin Annie married Billie at the Oakland temple, and I was lucky enough to be there! Everything about the wedding was awesome - check out some of the beautiful pictures:
They were SO happy, they looked SO good, and the reception was amazing! Best dance party ever.
Plus my mom came all the way from Guam. What a treat!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dirty 30

30 doesn't seem so old anymore! Last week, my man hit the big 3-0.
He got THIS sweet new ride
(we have been looking for a car for a while, and we just happened to get it on his birthday! I'm not that awesome.)
His buddies took him to K-1 Speed where he raced high speed, indoor go carts.
He loved it so much, he couldn't stop raving about for the next 3 days. It was pretty cute.
Later, we partied in this awesome backyard (thanks Dara and Nate!).
The guys watched the game on the big screen in the hot tub (yeah, I know, so sweet), and the girls gabbed it up. A fun way to celebrate 30 years of fine living!
Stay tuned to see how we topped it all off!!
(you didn't think we'd let a 30th birthday pass by without doing something crazy did you??)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Warriors

This year, Memorial Day weekend was jam packed full of fun activities.

We started off with horse back riding in Huntington Beach! It was fun trotting along in the fields. Although it wasn't too impressive to a guy who's best friend growing up had a bunch of horses right down the street...Still, he said he enjoyed seeing guys walking around with cowboy boots and spurs :)
Next we went to a murder mystery dinner in LA! We got all dressed up in our 20's style clothes and set off to be detectives. It was funny and fun.
However, were were glad we didn't pay full price (groupon saves the day!). It was worth it to me just to see Shane looking so cute in that outfit!
We finished off the weekend with a day on the beach! We met at the end of my block, which is this awesome little spot. We kayaked, paddle boarded, played volleyball, and ladder ball. Not to mention a sweet BBQ. It was such an American way to spend Memorial Day. We loved it!
We're some pretty lucky kids.