Monday, April 16, 2012

We are faaaamily.

Shane's parents and aunt came for another spring break visit!
We had 4 days of fun: A tour of the Queen Mary, walks on the beach
(a couple of us may have jumped in for some surfing...),
Easter BBQ, horseshoes in the sand, lots of good food, movies, Phase 10 and Rummikub.

We feel especially proud that we got them out on the kayaks!
They were a bit uneasy about the idea,
but after some tough love they were rowing like champs.
We were excited to take them on a whale watching trip...
but we didn't end up seeing anything! BUMMER.
At least we were able to enjoy a beautiful ocean boat ride.
I don't think they have those in Utah.
A few days later some more out of town family stopped by for a visit!
My cousin Claire, her husband Quin, and their cute son Elliot were down from the
San Fran area and we're so glad we got to see them.
Iver and Elliot are almost exactly the same age and it was their first meeting.
They're 6 months and just learning to sit up by themselves.
Some serious cuteness going on.
It's fun and totally crazy to see these kids with their own kids!
A BIG thanks to Lewis, Toni, and Mike for making the trip to see us crazy Californians!
And thanks to Claire and Quinn for stopping by for some cousin time.
We love having family around! Keep it coming please.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

An email from mom

I have THE BEST mom ever. Those of you who know her know just what I'm talking about. She and I are BFF's and I couldn't have gotten luckier to be sent to her. I called her right after the ultra sound where we found out we were having a GIRL. She knew I was feeling very uneasy about it. So what does she do? She takes the time to find, scan, and send this most kind email to me that very night. She knows just what to do to make me feel better. Every time! So, I thought I'd share her email:


We are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for this baby girl to get here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We think her middle name should be Sunshine. So that she's named after her mom.

We pulled out some old books to look at Sal as a baby and there are so many cute pics I just had to send a few to you. If your daughter is half as cute (or half as spunky) as Sally was, you're in for a whole lotta fun!

#1 - I think this is your blessing day. I wonder why Alex looks so happy?
#2 - You are showing off one of your very first tricks:
We would say "Show us how brave you are."
And you would stand on one foot while you held the other one way out.
You are barely one year old in this pic. (I should have known then!)
#3 - This is in Raytown and you're exactly Audio's age.
As soon as we got home from church every week you wanted to take off your dress.

#4 - You loved sledding with Dad and never complained about being cold
- unlike all the other little girls.
#5 - Jumping on the bed with the brothers.
Look at your smile - you loved doing anything with them!
#6 - Your favorite swimsuit. You wanted to wear it all the time,
even if we weren't going swimming.
This pic is in Yellowstone.
#7 - This is the age I remember best.
Probably because you were all old enough for me to finally catch my breath!
You're wearing one of the dresses I made you. That I still have.
Seriously, you can't deny how cute you are and how much you're going to have with your own mini-Sal!

love, Mom