Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby on board

Holy Moly, am I really posting this??? It's getting really real.
Shane and I have been married more than 6 years now and have finally
decided we're sticking this thing out. So the next logical thing to do...have a babe!
Baby Surf. Mini Moose. Baby Long Time. Little Shally.
We had our first doctor's appointment on Valentine's Day, and saw this:
A really cool memory for us. We saw the baby kicking and rolling over already! The doc told us I was about 11 or 12 weeks along!
We were happy to see the baby alive and well and to get a due date: Sept. 1st.
This weekend we got together with Alex and Brian's families and broke the news.
It was a lot of fun:)

Our little one is going to be lucky to have cousins so close!!

We had a totally awesome, beautiful, sunny San Onfore surf session together.
A day I won't forget!
My wetsuit is about to get real stretched out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slumber Party!

Remember how stoked you'd get when your mom let you have a sleep over??
I do. And this weekend, we ladies gave ourselves permission.

I met up with these awesome girls after work Friday.
We dined at a tasty Mexican place on PCH and watched the sun go down over chips and salsa.
Then we saw saw the ultimate chick flick, "The Vow."
Although we did have some qualms, overall we really liked it. We all cried...some more than others...(you had to be there).

Next, we settled in at this rad place (Sarah's family's Laguna Beach apartment). We had a gab fest until the wee hours of the morning. Well...1:30am seems really late for me now! My late night, early morning rock star life is faaaar behind me.
What did we do in the morning? What else? EAT! Its was pretty delicious.
Sarah's little sis, Sandy, met up with us later and she and I hit the beach. We tossed around the frisbee,
played a rousing beach volleyball game with a group of strangers, and then topped it off with a no-wet suit dip in the ocean!
Just what the doctor ordered.
This little excursion really renewed my thankfulness for my friends. I don't have sisters, so girlfriends are soooo needed!
And I'm so lucky to have them! Thank you Sarah, Amy, Dara, and Sandy! Love you all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

24 hours of...fun?

I was asked to accompany the youth to the stake snow trip last weekend. Shane was so nice and agreed to go with me (we both have callings with the youth). And thank my lucky stars he was there...
We met at the church and swapped cars with the YW Pres, who has a mini van to fit lots of teenagers in. We bravely headed into the Friday afternoon traffic, towards the mountains. After 3 hours in the car (1.5 without traffic) we were finally heading up the hill to the campsite. And then we hear a sound...a bad sound. It quickly got worse. We pulled over, popped the hood only to watch smoke billow out into the cold air. GREAT! With a car full of hungry, antsy kids (myself included), we start flagging down passing cars asking for coolant because we believe the car has over heated. Cell reception is terrible and we can't reach of anyone from camp. After about an hour someone finally gets our message and rescues us! We find out we're only 2 miles from camp. Soon after, they somehow get the van started and get it up to camp. Whew.

We scarf down some chili and hang around in the lodge util MIDNIGHT. But not without some awkward karaoke and chili stomach aches.

I head over to the women's stake cabin only to find that it's freezing cold due to broken heaters. So I drag my stuff (mattress pad included) over to the girls' massive cabin, full of every girl in the stake. The iPod is pumping and the hour is late. But at least it's warm! I am finally able to shut it down and get to sleep around 1:30.

5am. Everyone is fast asleep. At least I think.
I am awoken by the most excruciating scream I HAVE EVER HEARD. Someone is in real trouble. Someone has found a dead body. Someone sees a bear in the cabin. Someone is getting attacked.
I sit up, ready to stare fear in the face and be heroic.
The bathroom door flies open. One of the LEADERS is standing in the doorway and shrieks, "I'm standing in PEE!!!" Yep. Pee. The toilet had overflowed and she was standing in pee. Pee was the dead body.
By this time every girl and leader in the cabin is awake. I can tell this leader isn't planning on taking care of this situation quietly. I get up, put on my boots, walk in the bathroom and close the door behind me. I calm the pee-footed lady and start sopping up the pee water. The toilet is really plugged and it takes me some hard labor to get the water level down. After a half hour I send us both back to bed.

7:30 am. "It's 7:30 everybody! Breakfast is at 8!" says lady pee-foot. It's not. It's at 8:30. I finally roll out of bed, into the bathroom and here are some things she says during face washing and teeth brushing: "So are you talking to me?" "You'd do the same thing if you were half asleep standing in pee!" "Well, I just like funny stories." Uh huh.

Back to the lodge for breakfast. One of the leaders is a mechanic and he looked at the smoking van. He doesn't think we should drive it home. The awesome just doesn't stop coming!!
Luckily, Shane had recently upgraded to AAA Plus, which tows up to 100 miles. It's 96 miles to Long Beach. 2 hours later I'm sitting in the back of a tow truck with "Larry from Ucipa." (We sent our kids home with other stake members.) Once again, I thank my lucky stars Shane was there! I went right to sleep in the back of the bumpy truck and woke up right where I started.

What an awesome 24hrs, huh?! Hey, it makes for a "funny story," right?