Saturday, July 16, 2011

Epic (super busy) Summer 2011

Yes- I've been terrible at updating my blog lately. And terrible at commenting on yours.
But I have good excuses! I've been super busy doing some fun things. Here are a few, lots more to come...
TREK! Shane I were asked to be "Ma and Pa Stuart" to 10 kids on our church's youth pioneer trek. We pushed and pulled handcarts for miles in the hot sun through the mountains, getting a taste of what the pioneers went through. We learned to appreciate our showers, beds, houses, cars...It was tough but awesome!
Mom turned 50! For Nan's 50th birthday, I took my mom on an awesome run/hike overlooking the ocean.
Then we went paragliding in Malibu!! Hopefully I made her feel young:) I had a total blast.
THE FAMILY IS HERE!!! Alex and Morgan have returned from Australia and are going to live with Morgan's family in Orange County for a while, and we are SO stoked about that. Sam, Joe, Rod and Nan are here visiting from Guam for the summer, and it is fantastic.

We've already spent some AWESOMELY fun family time together. And there's a LOT more to come.
I have been floating around, so happy to have everyone together. Love it!!
(Rod and Navy not pictured. On the left, Teijia, Kirsti's sister was visiting - 4th of July party!)
Above: Beautiful Ventura bike ride.
Below: Boogie board session with Sam, Joe, Alex, and Caleb (Morgan's little brother).
Above: Sam and Joe meeting me after work on the beach!
Below: 4th of July morning surf session I'll never forget. Huntington cliffs: me, Shane, Brian, Alex, and 7-month pregnant Morgan. It was the first time Alex, Brian, and I had all been surfing together! The sun was shining and I would not have wanted to be anywhere else.
Summer is definitely my favorite time of year :)