Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My life will never be the same.

Yep. It happened.
When JT announced that he was coming out with new music...um yeah, I was more than excited. 
Then he announced he'd be doing his first show in a small club in LA in one week!!!
Yeah, even more excited, if that's possible.
Tickets sold out in minutes, and I almost cried thinking I didn't get any, but alas, I DID!

We went. We watched. I drooled.
And it. was. AMAZING.
We arrived at 7:30 to a huge line. Some people had camped out. There were people who came from other countries. It was a BIG deal. We got in at 9:30, and I sprinted to the stage where I got us a spot about 15 feet from the front row (standing only). A DJ played...and played...and at 11:30 JT took the 
stage. And KILLED it. 

He played all his hit songs, plus 3 from his new album. The crowd went nutso when Jay-Z came on stage for Suit and Tie, and Timbaland showed up to end it with Sexyback. 
JT's voice was insane, he did all kinds of rad new musical arrangements, his dancing was super smooth, he had fun with the audience and his band. He is an entertainer extraordinaire. 

All of these pics were taken with OUR camera. 
We were so close we could see his sweaty forehead. 
I was DYING. 

 Telling Goldie about the show sporting my prized bootleg JT tee. 
She was stoked about it.
Here are videos from my two favorite performances of the night:
#1 - New song "That Girl." So smooth. A future hit fo sho.
#2 - Dancing w/ backup singers to an MJ song. SO AWESOME.
This vid includes clips from OUR camera. Skip 1:20 to to see how close we were!! 
I was frrrreeeaaking out.


kelliemcc said...

I'm probably going to have to get a job as a back up dancer, seems he doesn't mind a girl with some junk in the trunk! Or, I can replace the chubby guy on the end :) I still can't stand it and feel like I should comment 15 more times.

Sarah Hull said...

So rad! Those pictures are amazing! I still can't believe this happened... but then it's you... so I totally can believe it! I am SO stoked you got to experience this awesomeness in real life!!!!! SO cool!!!

Brynne said...

I love Goldie's face in the JT pic. She's totally stoked. SOOOOOO freaking crazy awesome for you!!